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ICAN Academy started in 2014 by two strong pillars CS Dushyant Jain and CA CMA Sopan Gaikar. Though the institute has come into existence recently but the 2 pillars have been coaching and mentoring the students from last 7 years in the field of CS and CA. They believe in truth and quality in life.



Nikhil Kondewar Nikhil Kondewar
Rank AIR-16 (DEC-2017)
Krushi Sadana Krushi Sadana
Rank AIR-18 (DEC-2017)
Kundan Koli Kundan Koli
Rank AIR-18 (DEC-2017)
Jagruti Bhavekar Jagruti Bhavekar
Rank AIR-19 (DEC-2017)
Kamla Bayad Kamla Bayad
Rank AIR-19 (DEC-2017)
Sneha Shirke Sneha Shirke
Rank AIR-21 (DEC-2017)
Siddhi Khinvasara Siddhi Khinvasara
Rank AIR-24 (DEC-2017)
Jinal Thakkar Jinal Thakkar
Rank AIR-17 (June-2017)
Arti Sarda Arti Sarda
Rank AIR-19 (June-2017)
Prerna Gandhi Prerna Gandhi
Rank AIR-20 (June-2017)
Sonali Jain
Rank AIR-2
Subhada Shirke
Rank AIR-9
Sourabh Agrawal
Rank AIR-11
Pooja Shah
Rank AIR-15
Vivek Sharma
Rank AIR-16
Dipali Singh
Rank AIR-19
Rinkal Handey
Rank AIR-20
Afsana Shaikh
Rank AIR-21
Sachin Agrawal
Rank AIR-12
Akshay Agrawal
Rank AIR-17
Karishma Jaju
Rank AIR-21
Mallika Badjate
Rank AIR-21
Sanika Jadhav
Rank AIR-22
Smriti Nagar
Rank AIR-23
Neha Kumari K
Rank AIR-25
Jaytha Jain
Rank AIR-25