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ICAN Academy started in 2014 by two strong pillars CS Dushyant Jain and CA CMA Sopan Gaikar. Though the institute has come into existence recently but the 2 pillars have been coaching and mentoring the students from last 7 years in the field of CS and CA. They believe in truth and quality in life.
CS Foundation Course Duration 120 Days
Business Management
CS Dushyant Jain
Prof. Kalpak Bangad
CA CMA Sopan Gaikar
Business Laws
CS Dushyant Jain
Business Environment & Business Enterpreneurship
CS Dushyant Jain
Business Communication & Ethics
CS Dushyant Jain
Account & Audit
CA CMA Sopan Gaikar


Nikhil Kondewar Nikhil Kondewar
Rank AIR-16 (DEC-2017)
Krushi Sadana Krushi Sadana
Rank AIR-18 (DEC-2017)
Kundan Koli Kundan Koli
Rank AIR-18 (DEC-2017)
Jagruti Bhavekar Jagruti Bhavekar
Rank AIR-19 (DEC-2017)
Kamla Bayad Kamla Bayad
Rank AIR-19 (DEC-2017)
Sneha Shirke Sneha Shirke
Rank AIR-21 (DEC-2017)
Siddhi Khinvasara Siddhi Khinvasara
Rank AIR-24 (DEC-2017)
Jinal Thakkar Jinal Thakkar
Rank AIR-17 (June-2017)
Arti Sarda Arti Sarda
Rank AIR-19 (June-2017)
Prerna Gandhi Prerna Gandhi
Rank AIR-20 (June-2017)
Sonali Jain
Rank AIR-2
Subhada Shirke
Rank AIR-9
Sourabh Agrawal
Rank AIR-11
Pooja Shah
Rank AIR-15
Vivek Sharma
Rank AIR-16
Dipali Singh
Rank AIR-19
Rinkal Handey
Rank AIR-20
Afsana Shaikh
Rank AIR-21
Sachin Agrawal
Rank AIR-12
Akshay Agrawal
Rank AIR-17
Karishma Jaju
Rank AIR-21
Mallika Badjate
Rank AIR-21
Sanika Jadhav
Rank AIR-22
Smriti Nagar
Rank AIR-23
Neha Kumari K
Rank AIR-25
Jaytha Jain
Rank AIR-25